[acoda_typewriter type=»typing» tag=»h2″ font_size=»supersize» duration=»3000″ delay=»50″ animated_text=»Hello.
I’m Typewriter.
I Animate Text.
Cool, Right?
#youtheme :)»]

I can be placed anywhere
on a page.

[acoda_typewriter align=»left» tag=»h2″ font_size=»xlarge» duration=»2500″ delay=»200″ animated_text=»Adjust the Size & Speed
Color & Alignment
And Typing Types
Typing ( see above )
And Rotate 3d
That’s me (:»]
[acoda_typewriter tag=»h2″ font_weight=»bold» font_size=»supersize» duration=»3000″ pause=»2000″ animated_text=»Be Unique.
Be You.»]

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